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Does Your Body
Have The Blues?

Several sections of this site are devoted to a newly identified condition called the "Body Blues" - a mild, depression-like mood disorder affecting an estimated 1 in 4 U.S. women. Dr. Marie-Annette Brown and Jo Robinson explore this condition and a breakthrough new treatment called the LEVITY Program in their new book When Your Body Gets The Blues. They show that a mood condition doesn't have to be severe to be life limiting, and we encourage visitors to learn more about treating this under-diagnosed, poorly understood syndrome.

Mood DisorderOne in Four Women may have the "Body Blues". Are you one of them?

Body BluesChristiane Northrup, M.D. calls When Your Body Gets The Blues "...a great book-loaded with proven, practical, natural solutions that any woman can use to boost her energy, lose weight and live more fully and joyfully!"

Levity ProgramLearn about a new, natural solution to common mood problems! It's called the Levity Program. It's easy, safe and inexpensive.

Healthy MoodWalk your way to a healthy mood! Exercise doesn't have to be strenuous!

Body BluesWhy are women at a greater risk for the "blues" than men? Click here for the answer.

Mental HealthMental health disorders affect twice as many women as men. Learn about it.

DepressionDepression is a risk factor for heart disease. Find out why.

Light TherapyHave the "Winter Blues"? Lighten up! Research shows that 80% of people with simple winter depression show significant benefit from Light Therapy!

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